The Blood Health Expert

Livogen has a long history in India spanning over 50 years and changing hands from Glaxo to Merck in 2000 and to P&G in 2018. Since then, Livogen has evolved into a power house range of innovative blood health solutions for different target groups and needs: adults, pregnant women, kids and babies.

Livogen with more than 50 years of heritage and strong blood health expertise enjoys the endorsement of healthcare professionals across Asia.

As the No.1 Doctor prescribed iron supplement in India*, Livogen is committed to be a force for good, and a force for growth, for the communities in which we are present, by improving blood health and quality of life of millions of people.

Since 2012, Livogen has been active in public health related advocacy movements like "True Red Checks", with the primary aim being to raise awareness about the prevalence and causes, as well as to educate both health care professionals and at-risk population groups on how to prevent and control anemia. Our advocacy goes hand in hand with World Health Organization (WHO) global health priority on anemia and to attaining the six global nutrition goals set by World Health Assembly to reduce the rate of anemia in women by 50% by 2025. 1

Aktifkan Harimu!

This blood health building formula works synergistically to make healthy, oxygenated red blood cells to keep you in the pink of health.

Available in various format such as tablets, tonic and drops. Livogen vitamin and mineral supplements are sold in chemists and pharmacies, with or without prescription.


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